HR Interview Tips for Freshers

We have seen people struggling with interviews. If one is not able to crack an interview it does not mean that he or she is not intelligent or capable, it is just that they lack certain strategies which they should follow during their interview. It is not important to know each and every thing, if a candidate is able to answer the questions in a way, which is acceptable, but not necessarily right, he can still be successful in cracking the interview. There are certain things, which an interviewer will expect from the candidate:  smiling face, confidence, body language, good dressing sense and last but not the least  common sense.

Interview is the stage, when one should be fully prepared. If we talk about the first round of interview i.e., the HR round, the above mentioned things are mandatory to be kept in mind in order to leave a positive impression. Purpose of the interview conducted by HR recruiters is mainly to verify whether the candidate possesses the desired skill for the job and to know whether he can fit into the organization culture or not. HR interview is similar to that of other interviews.The only way to clear HR round is through proper preparation and practice.HR interview mainly test your character and whether you are suitable to work in the professional environment.
General questions asked in this round are:

  • Tell us about yourself?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • Why do you want to join our company?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
  • Why should we hire you? , and many more such questions.

One should be fully prepared to face any sort of question. Answers for such basic common questions can be prepared prior to the interview. Do not panic if your interviewers ask you something you have not heard of or you do not know. You need not leap but take time to answer. It is not wrong if you take a minute or so to come up with an answer, which may or may not be correct. Interviewers look for response not accuracy.
Some of the general tips that a candidate must keep in mind before going for an HR interview are:

  • You must be fully up-to-date about the company  in which you are going to attend the interview. Surf and search the internet, go through the company’s website, and study its vision and mission. Know about the company thoroughly, and match your goals and objectives with company’s goals and objectives.
  • Get to know about the competitors of the company in the industry. The more you talk about the progress and new ideas, more chance to attract recruiters.
  • Practice as many times as possible for the HR round. Make your friends or family members to interview you and get remarks from them. Opt for suggestion to do things in a better way. Maintain a professional behavior with the recruiter during the  interview.
  • Dress professionally for the interview if meeting recruiter in person, your first impression lies in how you look and the way you present yourself.
  • Prepare questions that you would like to ask the recruiter about the position and the company. Be clear about what you are up to. Don’t try to keep the recruiter in false beliefs.
  • Clearly state when you will be joining the organization, industry always looks for responsible and honest employees. If you are already an employee in some other organization, tell the interviewer about the date of relieve from your old job very clearly.
  • Be clear about your future plans. Industry looks for employees who look for long term commitments. If you say that you want to do Masters or doctorate further after a year or sometime, your chances to get recruited are cut-off to 50%, as they realise that you are not  a kind of person, who can be engaged for a long term commitments.
  • Explain you previous work experience clearly and reason for leaving the job. Your attitude, the way you talk about the organization you used to work should be positive. Never criticize your old company, it leaves a negative impression.
  • For a fresh graduate, talk about trainings which you have undertaken. Tell them about your first professional experience. Talk technical to techies only.
  • Be clear about the expected salary; study the salary graphs of the other companies in that region clearly before putting forward your demands. But keep in mind that, don’t discuss pay too early.

The only way to crack HR interview is to be clear about your priorities. Support your each answer with some logic. No matter what your answer is in HR Interview but what matters is how you prove your answer. Don’t lose hope and be for example if you are asked “What matters more to you, Money or Work?”.  There is no right answer of this question. Just support your answer with strong logics and be with that answer till the end. HR mainly focuses on the stability of the applicant. Prepare yourself to address the objective, strength and salary. HR looks for your attitude and involvement towards job. Preparation about the company is very much essential for an HR interview.

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